Residential and Commercial Furnace Repair in Johns Creek

An unexpected problem with your furnace can be a major headache, especially when temperatures are dropping. Local heating technicians can be the best way to resolve the problem quickly. For expert residential and commercial HVAC repair in Johns Creek, people trust Arctic Circle Air.

You can count on our experienced technicians for professional furnace repairs. We’ve seen a wide range of problems, big and small alike, on all major makes and models. If you think there’s something off with the way your furnace runs, why not let us take a look? We can get to the bottom of things and ensure the most efficient heating possible.

Your furnace problem could be resolved sooner than you think. For furnace repair in Johns Creek, GA, call Arctic Circle Air today at 770-268-0227.

Five Signs You Need Furnace Repair in Johns Creek

When your furnace grinds to a halt, it’s pretty clear something is wrong. Other problems, however, may be more difficult to notice at first. There are a few signs you can keep an eye out for that point to an issue with your furnace. Noticing and acting quickly can help make for an easier overall repair process, and in some cases, help you avoid premature furnace replacement. Here are five signs you may need furnace repair:

  1. Unexpected spike in energy bills.

Your energy bills should be pretty consistent over several months, so a sudden increase can point toward trouble. Keep an eye on your monthly bill for large increases.

  1. More dust in or around the ventilation.

More and more dust near the air vents could mean the HVAC system’s air filter isn’t working as well. Poor airflow means lower efficiency, so give us a call!

  1. Odd or unpleasant smells coming from the furnace.

A little burning dust is normal when you first start the furnace each year, but persistent smells may be worth a repair appointment. Pay close attention for burning or rotten egg smells, which could be an electrical problem or a gas leak.

  1. Loud or annoying sounds that are different from regular operation.

Most furnaces will make a bit of noise when they start up, but loud banging or screeching sounds aren’t normal. A technician can make sure nothing’s damaged or loose.

  1. Short cycling, where the furnace turns on and off repeatedly.

A normal furnace runs several times each hour for energy-efficient heating. A constant start/stop process is often a sign of a problem. Your thermostat could be malfunctioning, or the furnace’s safety controls could be kicking in.

Don’t ignore these kinds of furnace signs. They may not impact your sense of comfort now, but it could cause major damage before you know it. An important part of good repair service is knowing that an early response can minimize the problem (and your costs to resolve it!). Letting problems go ignored for too long could result in premature equipment failure, requiring early furnace installation.

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Our HVAC Maintenance Plan Includes Preventive Furnace Service

Our furnace technicians are happy to resolve your problem as quickly as possible. But the ideal solution is preventing problems from happening in the first place! Consider the benefits of preventive furnace maintenance in Johns Creek and enroll in one of Arctic Circle Air’s HVAC maintenance plans. Our tune-up process will leave your furnace better prepared for the coming season, and each plan includes other exclusive perks.

Get the Expert Furnace Repair Service You Deserve from Your Helpful Local HVAC Company in Johns Creek

Whatever your furnace is dealing with, a solution could be just a phone call away. The heating professionals at Arctic Circle Air are ready to help restore your heating, so give us a call now at770-268-0227.