Choose the Air Conditioning Repair Alpharetta Uses to Keep Cool

Don’t let a small issue with your air conditioner turn into a major and costly problem. Even if your cooling system still runs, if you suspect that your AC is not working properly, it’s crucial to address any issues as soon as possible by calling Arctic Circle Air.

Delaying air conditioning repair can not only put a strain on your unit, but a struggling AC can cause higher energy bills and poor cooling in your home. Arctic Circle Air’s expert AC techs will diagnose your issue and provide prompt and efficient solutions to keep your AC running smoothly and save you money in the long run.

Whatever the problem, trust Arctic Circle Air for efficient air conditioner repair in Alpharetta! Schedule an appointment by calling 770-268-0227 or contacting us online today!

Five Common AC Repairs in Alpharetta

Making sure your heating and cooling system is repaired by a skilled AC company is crucial for maintaining comfort in your home or business. With our seasoned HVAC technicians and commitment to excellence, Arctic Circle performs efficient and reliable HVAC repair in Alpharetta.

Arctic Circle Air’s experienced pros work on all brands and models of air conditioning systems. From small issues that are causing your system’s efficiency to sag to a broken air conditioner during a major heat wave, our team can handle it all!

Here are a few of the most common AC problems Arctic Circle Air repairs in Alpharetta:

  1. Refrigerant leak: This is a common issue that can cause your AC to blow warm air and might require recharging or repairing the refrigerant lines.
  2. Dirty condenser coils: Over time, dust and debris can build up on the condenser coils, which reduces their efficiency and causes your AC to work harder than it should.
  3. Clogged AC filters: If your HVAC air filters are clogged with dirt and debris, it can cause weak airflow and put strain on your unit, leading to potential breakdowns.
  4. Electrical problems: Electrical issues can cause your AC to not start or suddenly turn off. If you suspect an electrical problem, call Arctic Circle right away for AC service.
  5. Broken fan motor: The fan motor circulates air throughout your home. If it breaks down, you may feel weak airflow or no cool air at all. This requires prompt replacement to avoid further damage to the system.
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Arctic Circle Air: Your Locally Owned AC Repair in Alpharetta

Choosing a locally owned and family-oriented HVAC company in Alpharetta, such as Arctic Circle Air, provides many benefits. With a local company like us, you can expect personalized service tailored to the specific needs of your home, business or construction project. Arctic Circle Air’s team of experienced air conditioning contractors understands the unique challenges of Alpharetta and surrounding communities, so you get correct, lasting solutions.

Reasons to choose Arctic Circle Air for air conditioning services in Alpharetta:

  • Trained, certified technicians: Our AC repair technicians are highly trained and equipped with the experience and knowledge necessary to make accurate diagnoses and repairs that last.
  • Serving all brands: Arctic Circle Air repairs all brands of air conditioners. Whatever AC you use to cool your home, our team can fix it!
  • Special offers and discounts: In addition to fair and competitive pricing, Arctic Circle Air makes HVAC service more affordable with special offers and discounts. We even have air conditioner repair coupons, and can help you find available HVAC tax credits for purchasing energy-efficient HVAC equipment.
  • Money-saving maintenance plans: Customers keep their heating and cooling systems in top shape with AC maintenance from Arctic Circle Air. Our Alpharetta HVAC service plan includes heating and cooling tune-ups, priority service, discounts on services and equipment purchases, and much more.
  • Free estimates: Arctic Circle Air offers free estimates, so you can make an informed decision about your HVAC repair, installation and maintenance. We’re also happy to provide second opinions!

Don’t settle for less than your family and home deserve! Call Arctic Circle Air at 770-268-0227 today for quality AC repair in Alpharetta.